This Folio Life: The challenge of illustrating The Kama Sutra

Posted on 03/07/2018

Back in 2014, when Folio art director Sheri Gee was chairing a panel discussion at the Society of Illustrators in New York, she asked the panellists: ‘If you could illustrate any book, what would it b …


This Folio Life: Joe’s blog, no. 39

Posted on 23/05/2018

I recently went down to Dartmoor to interview Alan Lee about his epic illustrations for The Wanderer and other Old English Poems. Widely regarded as a recluse (thanks in large measure to a rather misl …


This Folio Life: Dolpo, Nepal 1973 and 2016

Posted on 21/05/2018

Among the best-loved travel books ever written, The Snow Leopard has gained a reverential following among trekkers and natural history enthusiasts. In 1973, naturalist and novelist Peter Matthiessen a …


This Folio Life: A Diary of Engraving Maigret

Posted on 18/05/2018

It can be easy to forget just how much work our illustrators put into our editions. We exclaim over the stunning final results, but the polished artwork hides days, weeks and often months of painstaki …


This Folio Life: Researching Horatio Hornblower

Posted on 08/05/2018

Joe McLaren, working in consultation with Brian Lavery, former curator of Maritime History at the National Museum, Greenwich, created a series of characterful illustrations that convey the drama and s …