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Seeking Out Xan Fielding ׀ Part Two

Posted on 26/09/2014

Stories beyond the pages, and unpublished material Engaging with experts and enthusiasts who have a personal connection to a text allows you to uncover the many layers of a story. In the course of my …


Seeking Out Xan Fielding ׀ Part One

Posted on 27/08/2014

Making contacts Blogs are great social networking platforms, and for a Picture Editor they are also an excellent source of information.   Xan Fielding disguised as a Cretan shepherd, c.1942. (Sir …


Family Gems ׀ The Surgeon of Crowthorne

Posted on 21/08/2014

  William Chester Minor seated in the grounds at Broadmoor, 1890s. (Minor Family Archives) For a Picture Editor, it is truly exhilarating when you unearth a gem. My ‘gem’, or rather ‘gems’, were …