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This Folio Life: Selecting the best of horror

Posted on 19/09/2018

How do you choose the best of a genre? Pick your personal favourites; choose only those tales regarded as classics; or try to aim for an interesting mix of everything? We asked Ramsey Campbell, ‘Brita …


From Sparks into Flames

Posted on 18/09/2015

Open spread from the Folio edition of A Story as Sharp as a Knife On the surface it seems simple to describe Robert Bringhurst’s A Story as Sharp as a Knife: The Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their …


The Deathly Appeal of Edgar Allan Poe

Posted on 17/04/2015

How fear runs through his timeless short stories, and his only completed novel. ‘Horror and fatality’, writes Poe in ‘Metzengerstein’, his first published short story, ‘have been stalking abroad in al …


Apsley House: Home for a Hero

Posted on 17/04/2015

How Wellington’s former home testifies to status in Britain and beyond. Waterloo Gallery, Apsley House. (© English Heritage) The 1st Duke of Wellington purchased Apsley House in 1817, two years after …


Illustrating Folly

Posted on 26/11/2014

Artist Matthew Richardson on how he created a visual rhetoric to match Erasmus’s In Praise of Folly. Folly of Clergy The most striking feature of Eramus’ writing is his use of rhetoric in recasting an …


Artist Bill Bragg on illustrating Trollope

Posted on 11/11/2014

Bill Bragg, illustrator of the Folio Society’s new editions of The Warden and Barchester Towers, talks about depicting Trollope’s ingenious characterisations. One of Braggs’s illustrations in The Foli …


Ewan Clayton on illustrating In Parenthesis

Posted on 06/10/2014

Ewan Clayton. (© Geoffrey Morgan, with permission of the David Jones Estate) When I began to work on my illustrations for David Jones’s In Parenthesis I was acutely aware that I was treading on hallow …


Clare Mulley on Hide and Seek

Posted on 01/10/2014

This month The Folio Society republished one of the great memoirs of the Second World War: Xan Fielding’s Hide and Seek. Described by Antony Beevor as, ‘one of the great modern books not just of the C …


Seeking Out Xan Fielding ׀ Part Two

Posted on 26/09/2014

Stories beyond the pages, and unpublished material Engaging with experts and enthusiasts who have a personal connection to a text allows you to uncover the many layers of a story. In the course of my …


The human side of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Posted on 03/09/2014

I first read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in my early twenties. I was struck by its powerful ideas and have found them impossible to shake off. The book creates a brutal world in which an oppr …


Seeking Out Xan Fielding ׀ Part One

Posted on 27/08/2014

Making contacts Blogs are great social networking platforms, and for a Picture Editor they are also an excellent source of information.   Xan Fielding disguised as a Cretan shepherd, c.1942. (Sir …


Family Gems ׀ The Surgeon of Crowthorne

Posted on 21/08/2014

  William Chester Minor seated in the grounds at Broadmoor, 1890s. (Minor Family Archives) For a Picture Editor, it is truly exhilarating when you unearth a gem. My ‘gem’, or rather ‘gems’, were …