Press Release: Voyages to the Moon and the Sun

Voyages to the Moon and the Sun

Cyrano de Bergerac
Illustrated by Quentin Blake
Translated by Richard Aldington
Introduced by John Wells

‘An extraordinary writer not just for seventeenth-century France but for all times’ 

italo calvino

The real Cyrano de Bergerac was every bit as extraordinary as the figure immortalised on stage and screen: a fearless soldier and intellectual, branded a madman by his contemporaries for the imaginative reach of his writings. His two greatest works, Voyage to the Moon and its sequel Voyage to the Sun, are masterpieces of early science fiction, the direct inspiration for Gulliver’s Travels, and a major influence on later sci-fi pioneers including JulesVerne and Edgar Allan Poe.

These extraordinary texts have been a personal favourite of Quentin Blake’s for over 40 years. With their ‘nasally-gifted’ comic protagonist, characters flying with (and without) various cobbled-together machines, wildly gesticulating nude giants and a kingdom of birds, Cyrano’s fantasies could have been tailor-made for him. Quentin produced a complete – and very extensive – illustration of both texts for the Folio Society in 1991. Now, he has revisited his original images, redrawing, replacing and adding to them, as well as creating a stunning new binding and slipcase. Using Richard Aldington’s classic translation and with an introduction by John Wells, which brings the historical Cyrano de Bergerac out from the shadow of the legend, the result is a luxurious enhanced edition of these visionary tales.

Voyage to the Moon sees Cyrano’s fictional alter-ego accidentally carried into space by a multi-stage rocket, where he discovers an advanced lunar society with ‘talking’ books, where well-argued opinions are valued over social status and where free love is officially enforced. In its equally fantastical sequel, tales of his moon-voyage cause our hero’s imprisonment and an escape attempt in a vacuum-powered crate results in an unscheduled trip to the Sun, and the discovery there of a solar race of intelligent birds.

Product information

Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Fournier. 232 pages. Over 125 integrated duotone illustrations. Gilded tops. Blocked slipcase. 12˝ x 8½˝.

UK £60.00 US $89.00 Can $120.00 Aus $120.00


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