Press Release: Ubik


Phillip K. Dick

Introduced by Kim Stanley Robinson
Illustrated by La Boca

‘‘The most consistently brilliant SF writer in the world’’
John Brunner

Ubik is an unmissable Folio edition for fans of one of science fiction’s true masters. Time magazine described Philip K. Dick’s Ubik as ‘a deeply unsettling existential horror story’, a masterwork that built something new and altogether stranger out of the glittering foundations of modern science fiction. It is a novel that wrongfoots the reader at every turn. Dick delivers a taut thriller shot through with his dark sense of humour.

Inspired by Dick’s ability to break new ground with every story, this edition pushes the boundaries of book design and science-fiction art. Featuring a series of hypnotic illustrations by award-winning independent art studio La Boca, this volume is presented in a special die-cut slipcase (with a hidden message) that combines with the vibrant binding to reveal the title.

Award-winning author Kim Stanley Robinson wrote his doctoral thesis on the novels of Philip K. Dick. In his exclusive introduction for this edition, he discusses Ubik as the culmination of Dick’s key obsessions: false identity, the fight against entropy, the breakdown of reality. The book, Robinson writes, is itself a reflection of Dick’s own exhausted experience of the tumultuous 1960s: the real world seemed impossible, maddening, and Ubik’s satire of a universe falling into pieces makes it one of Dick’s most sophisticated works.

With over eleven of Dick’s titles making it to the screen, his work seems particularly suited to cinematic adaptation, yet Ubik resists the treatment. Dick himself wrote a screenplay for a film version, and typically filled it with ideas on how the unique properties of cinema could be used to summon the vertiginous world of Ubik, but it remains unmade. For now, the best and only way to experience Dick’s masterpiece is to release your own grip on reality and dive into the novel – an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Product information
Bound in blocked vinyl-coated paper. Set in Utopia with Helvetica Neua display. 224 pages. 7 colour illustrations. Printed endpapers. Die-cut slipcase. 9˝ x 6¼˝.

UK £39.95 US $69.95 Can $79.95 Aus $89.95





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