Press Release: True Grit

True Grit

Charles Portis

Introduced by Donna Tartt
Illustrated by Juan Estaban Rodríguez

‘Portis has made an epic and a legend. Mattie Ross should soon join the pantheon of America’s legendary figures such as Kit Carson, Wyatt Earp and Jesse James’
Washington Post

Amongst the greatest first-person narratives in American literature, True Grit is a taut, tense and unflinching story in the tradition of Lee, Steinbeck and Twain. Beautifully written and epic in scale, it has all the characteristics of a classic western and marks Folio’s first sortie into this rich but often underrated genre. Charles Portis plays with the classic revenge scenario by pitting the wits of a teenage girl against gun-toting outlaws. However, it isn’t long before this becomes irrelevant, as she holds her own in the badlands of 1870s Arkansas.

Single-minded and unyielding, fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross is a typical western protagonist in everything but gender. When she hires Rooster Cogburn, a one-eyed US Marshall with a taste for whisky and a trigger-happy approach to law enforcement, to track down her father’s murderer he quickly picks up the killer’s scent and together they set out to apprehend him.

Portis’s story is driven by dialogue, with Mattie’s Presbyterian correctness in stark contrast to the rough vernacular and cussing of the outlaws and their pursuers. As celebrated author Donna Tartt writes in her introduction: ‘No living Southern writer captures the spoken idioms of the South as artfully as Portis does.’

Soaked in sepia hues, Juan Estaban Rodríguez’s lavish illustrations of these atmospheric scenes perfectly depict the characters and their surroundings. The wraparound binding shows a defiant Mattie staring at the trail she hopes will lead to revenge.

Three big-screen adaptations attest to the mesmerising appeal of the book with the Coen brothers’ faithful 2010 adaptation receiving ten Oscar® nominations.

Product information
Bound in printed and blocked cloth. Set in Kennerley. 176 pages. Black and white frontis illustration plus 6 colour illustrations, including 2 double-page spreads. Blocked slipcase. 9˝ x 5¾˝

UK £34.95 US $54.95 Can $65.00 Aus $69.95






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