Press Release: Three Men on the Bummel

Three Men on the Bummel

Jerome K. Jerome

Introduced and illustrated by Paul Cox

‘Everything from animals, bicycles, hosepipes and German culture being milked for all their comic potential in his trademark genial style.’

Switching water for wheels in the sequel to Three Men in a Boat, Jerome and his travel companions George and Harris embark on a cycling tour around Germany’s Black Forest region – having ruled out more strenuous sojourns, or those that might appeal to their families sufficiently for them to tag along.

Illustrated by Paul Cox and printed in series with the popular Folio edition of Three Men in a Boat, Cox also introduces the book, offering a fascinating and witty insight into the process that allows him to create his illustrations. His designs extend to the blocked-cloth binding and colourful map endpapers.

The writing is vibrant and the observational humour joyful and clearly shows how Jerome’s innate talent for making light of human foibles laid the groundwork for much of today’s contemporary comedy. His sharp, opinionated wit is often at the expense of the narrator’s companions or hosts, but it is always delivered with the best intentions.

The journey itself is a pleasurable series of minor mishaps, cultural revelations and perceived eccentricities, all deftly related through a comic Lens. Jerome is amused to learn that fancy dress isn’t allowed in German towns and neither is the breaking of glass or china. The sanctity of German grass also proves a popular point of discussion: ‘the very dogs respect German grass; no German dog would dream of putting a paw on it. If you see a dog scampering across the grass in Germany, you may know for certain that it is the dog of some unholy foreigner’.

Ultimately, it is the camaraderie of the travelling companions that makes Jerome’s novel such a pleasure to read. The benefit of hindsight also adds poignancy; set before the war the party travel in blissful ignorance of the events that will plunge Europe into darkness in just a few years.

Product information
Bound in printed and blocked cloth. Set in Bembo with Sackers Open Antique display. 200 pages. 33 colour illustrations. 10¼ x 6¼˝.

UK £34.95 US $62.95 Can $69.95 Aus $69.95



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