Press Release: The Zimmerman Telegram

Barbara TuchmanZIM1

Introduced by Margret MacMillan

‘A fine exciting book told with intense drama. A thriller of real life’

‘We propose to begin on 1 February unrestricted submarine warfare … ’
There was nothing immediately to distinguish it from the material that arrived for routine decoding at British Naval Intelligence. But on 17 January 1917, a young publisher and a priest – part of the team of civilians who pored over hundreds of telegram intercepts each day – unravelled a message sent by the German foreign minister, Arthur Zimmermann. Their discovery would change the course of 20th century history, supplying evidence both of the deadliest peril that could befall the Allies, and their greatest hope of salvation.

The fascinating story behind the Zimmermann telegram is one of espionage and counter-intelligence. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Barbara Tuchman takes us into the emotionally charged atmosphere of Room 40, Whitehall, the nerveZIM2 centre of the code-breaking operation, and into the secret negotiations that underpinned German policy. Above all she details the frenzied diplomatic activity that brought the United States into more than just an international conflict, but an ‘unwilled wedlock to the rest of the world’.

This edition from The Folio Society features an introduction from historian Margaret MacMillan which examines what made Tuchman such an accessible and successful writer, pointing to her gift for storytelling and her ‘fascination with history as a recordZIM3 of human behaviour’. It includes a frontispiece and 16 pages of black and white plates, including images of the infamous telegram itself.

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Quarter-bound in cloth with printed paper sides. Set in Sabon with Kabel Heavy display.
248 pages. Frontispiece and 16 pages of black & white plates. Slipcase. 9½˝ x 6¼˝.

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