Press Release: The Vikings

The Vikings

Gwyn Jones

Introduced by Magnus Magnusson

‘A vivid and living picture of the Viking adventure.’
times literary supplement

Gwyn Jones dispels the myths of an empire built on terror and tyranny in The Vikings, the definitive edition on the enthralling 300-hundred year Viking Age. Our best-selling edition includes lavish new illustrations researched by the award-winning Folio picture team for this reissue. Far from being merciless barbarians who tore through the continent in a reign of unrelenting terror, the Vikings were an ambitious but largely peace-loving race who brought massive social and cultural change to northern Europe. Three hundred years in the making, the Viking Age still fascinates over 1,000 years later; so much so that our edition is now in its seventh printing.

Sifting the historical evidence from centuries of speculation and prejudice, Jones presents the authentic facts of the Viking discovery of America, Greenland and the Faroes, Svein Forkbeard and his conquest of England, and the trade in silks, weapons and slaves that extended through the whole of mainland Europe. He shows the significance of Norse art and culture: their comprehensive myth-system and its influence on the Viking worldview; the beliefs that encouraged them to cross the oceans and risk their lives with such abandon.

Journalist, writer and television presenter Magnus Magnusson wrote the introduction to our edition; his anecdotes of Jones revealing both his exuberant personality and scholarly learning. There are 12 maps and plans throughout – plus an endpaper map – that display attacks, settlements and ancient provinces. Twenty-six colour plates display treasures and sites from the Viking Age: the intricately carved, towering Runic stones from Jelling, a keepsake of a Valkyrie virgin warrior who chose those destined to be slain in battle, and detail from a Hylestad wood carving where the legendary Sigurd tastes the blood of a dragon’s heart.

Product information
Bound in buckram blocked with a design by Simon Noyes. Set in Imprint. 512 pages. 16 pages of colour plates, and 12 black & white integrated maps. 2 colour title page. Printed map endpapers. Blocked slipcase. 10˝ x 6 ¾˝.

UK £39.95 US$61.95 Can $79.95 Aus $89.95


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