Press Release: The Travels

The Travels

Marco Polo

Introduced and translated by Nigel Cliff

‘The remarkable thing about it is that so much of it turns out to have been true.’

Few books can be said to have changed the world but The Travels is one of them. Despite being written nearly 800 years ago, its epic scale and nearmythical exploits have ensured its continued public interest. Marco Polo was just 17 when he began his voyage to the Beijing court of the Mongol Emperor Khubilai Khan in 1271. From there, he went on to become the one of the first Europeans to travel throughout China and the Mongol Empire and didn’t set foot in his native Venice for another 25 years.

This exceptional volume reproduces Nigel Cliff ’s meticulous and accessible translation, which is the first English translation in nearly 50 years, as well as his new compelling introduction. Essential reading for newcomers to The Travels , it will also inform and entertain those familiar with the book.

Adorned with decorative borders and chapter titles, the text is illustrated with the complete collection of 84 miniatures from the 1410 Duc de Berry manuscript kept at the Bibliothéque Nationale in Paris. A quarter-bound buckram binding and marbled paper sides add the finishing touches to this beautiful collector’s edition.

When first published, The Travels shattered the insular world view of medieval Europe by sharing the wonders, innovations and glories of the East; civilisations infinitely more advanced than their own, and unknown outside of hearsay and the luxury goods brought back by merchants. Marco Polo described how they tamed mighty rivers; built palaces as big as cities; and traded with banknotes at a time when paper was barely known in Europe. Marco Polo’s incredible work is now honoured with the greatest translation, the most eloquent illustrations and a stunning design.

Product information
Quarter-bound in blocked buckram with textured paper sides printed with a marbled design by Jemma Lewis. Set in Centaur with Fournier Ornaments. 400 pages. 84 integrated colour illustrations. Plain gold slipcase. 11˝ x 7¼˝

UK £75.00 US $125.00 Can $150.00 Aus $170.00


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