Press Release: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Agatha Christie
Introduced by Sophie Hannah
Illustrated by Andrew Davidson

‘Makes breathless reading from first to the unexpected last’
The Observer

Proclaimed by the Crime Writers Association ‘the finest example of the genre ever penned’, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd contains one of the most celebrated twists in crime fiction and is consistently voted as among Agatha Christie’s best novels. It is, famously, the Poirot novel that demands to be read twice: the curious reader cannot resist re-examining what they thought they knew. Laura Thompson, Christie’s biographer, described it as ‘masterly: deceptive in every way’, and it remains a rare treat for those who savour the challenge of a whodunnit, yet love to be taken in by a master of her craft.

Published in June 1926, six months before Agatha Christie famously vanished for eleven days, eventually turning up in a hotel in Yorkshire apparently suffering from amnesia, it was likely written at a time of great emotional turmoil for Christie. Her marriage was ending and her beloved mother was dying, yet it is an extraordinarily precise piece of work, ingeniously crafted around its infamous central twist and expertly calculated to deceive. All the usual delights of Christie are in ample evidence here, from intriguing clues and complex relationships to the charming figure of Poirot himself. It also features Caroline, the narrator’s delightfully gossipy and observant sister, who Christie later revealed was a forerunner for her other great sleuth, the unforgettable Miss Marple.

Sophie Hannah, herself an acclaimed novelist, has been selected by the Christie estate to continue Poirot’s adventures, and she provides a perceptive introduction, exclusive to this edition. In it, she examines this ‘extra-special’ book and Christie’s dedication to pushing the rules and conventions of the crime novel to their very limits. Andrew Davidson’s illustrations capture the period, the humour and the underlying tension of Hercule Poirot’s iconic mystery, making this an irresistible edition.

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Bound in blocked buckram. Set in in Monotype Bell with Kabel Heavy display. 240 pages. 7 full-page colour illustrations. Plain slipcase. 9˝ x 5¾˝.

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