Press Release: The Mark of the Horse Lord

The Mark of the Horse Lord

Rosemary Sutcliff

Introduced by Philip Reeve
Illustrated by Felix Miall

‘Simply the best twentieth-century historical novelist to have written about early Britain’
kevin crossley-holland

In the cut-throat arena of second-century Corstopitum, Phaedrus, ex-slave and gladiator, wins his freedom in bloody combat. But he soon finds himself caught up in a battle even more fierce and vital. Assuming the identity of Midir, lost king of the Dalriad tribe of NorthernBritain, he must unite and lead the Horse People in rebellion against Liadhan, the traitorous queen who has usurped the throne. For Phaedrus the adventure is one of self-discovery; tattooed with the Mark of the Horse Lord he comes to learn the true nature of leadership and heroism, loyalty and sacrifice.

Rosemary Sutcliff is heralded as one of the finest writers of historical fiction for young people, but like all good children’s authors has always been enjoyed by adults alike. In his new introduction written for this Folio Society edition, Carnegie Medal-winner Philip Reeve celebrates Sutcliff ’s unparalleled talent for bringing history alive for her readers. A master of storytelling, she weaves together well-chosen images from ‘the skeleton shadows of the spear-stacked arms-racks’ and the ‘stink of the wild beasts’ den’ in the arena to Phaedrus decked in ‘an ancient clashing necklace of river-gold’ and ‘riding at the head of a fiery cloud of horsemen’ during his King-Making ceremony – to evoke a past rich in detail and character.

Felix Miall’s brush-and-ink drawings, full of verve and atmosphere, were carefully researched for historical accuracy. His portraits of the Caledonian Chieftain in battle, and the ritual hunt across the bogs of Earra-Ghyl, convey all the spirit and energy of Sutcliff ’s prose, while the binding design features Phaedrus as the Horse Lord in all his glory.



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Bound in printed and blocked Buckram. Set in Minion. 288 pages. Frontispiece and 10 integrated black & white illustrations. 1 map. Slipcased. 9¼˝ x 6½˝.

UK £34.95 US $51.95 Can $69.95 Aus $69.95





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