Press Release: The Locked-Room Mysteries

The Locked-Room Mysteries:

The Four Just Men Edgar Wallace
The Mystery of the Yellow Room Gaston Leroux
The Hollow Man John Dickson Carr

Introduced by Martin Edwards
Illustrated by Mark Thomas

‘The locked-room mystery, or impossible-crime story, is the ultimate manifestation of the
cerebral detective story’
otto penzler

More ‘howdunnits’ than ‘whodunnits’, these mysteries present crimes that are not just heinous, but also seemingly physically impossible: victims are attacked inside sealed rooms or other inaccessible places,

while assailants appear to vanish into thin air. The reader is challenged to unravel the clues and solve the puzzle – before the detective can reveal the truth.

This handsome collection brings together three incomparable examples of the genre: frequently credited with inspiring the locked-room phenomenon, The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace follows a gang of vigilantes determined to have justice by any means; Gaston Leroux’s The Mystery of the Yellow Room (an inspiration to a young Agatha Christie), follows journalist Joseph ‘Rouletabille’ as he investigates a night-time attack with a mutton bone; and in The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr (often lauded as the best locked-room mystery of all time), Dr Gideon Fell finds himself caught in a conspiracy of murder and illusion.

In his introduction, Martin Edwards examines the history of this literary tradition that both entertains the reader and tests their wits. Illustrator Mark Thomas has added a layer of stylish mystique to the set with a series of black and white illustrations.

Product information
Bound in thermo-reactive paper blocked with designs
by the artist. Set in Berling with Trajan Pro display.
664 pages in total. Frontispiece in each volume and
26 integrated images throughout the set.
Blocked slipcase. Each volume 8¼” x 5½˝.

UK £59.95 US $88.95 Can $120.95 Aus $120.95



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