Press Release: The Folio Book of Science

The Folio Book of Science

Selected and introduced by
Professor Alice Roberts

Selected by scientist, author and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts, this collection features some of science’s most illustrious names, including Robert Hooke, Maria Sibylla Merian, Charles Darwin, Mary Somerville, Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould. Highlighting the contribution of female scientists (the first such anthology equally weighted between male and female contributors), the selection draws from every scientific discipline.

Coverage begins as early as the 4th century BC with Aristotle’s insights into animal anatomy and behaviour: ‘Some [beasts] are gentle, peaceful and not violent … some are violent, passionate and intractable. Serpents are illiberal and crafty.’ Later luminaries include Emilie du Châtelet and her observations on the nature of fire, Caroline Herschel who describes her sightings of new comets, and Michael Faraday narrating his celebrated ‘Chemical History of a Candle’. More modern examples include Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman eulogising the pleasures of intellectual and scientific discovery; and Sarah Blaffer Hrdy’s ‘New View of Mothers’.

While including some of the most illustrious names from 24 centuries of scientific research and exploration, this book also casts a spotlight on the role and contribution of female scientists. It demonstrates that even if they were renowned during their lifetimes for their groundbreaking scholarship, history has often subsequently pushed them into the shadows of their male counterparts. Thought-provoking in their content and beautiful in their eloquence, the articles range from the biological, chemical and physical sciences to geology and palaeontology. An unprecedented, eminently accessible tribute to the great scientists (of both sexes) throughout the ages.

Blocked with pewter foiling, the book features a binding and endpapers by illustrator Neil Gower, with the text enhanced by black-and-white line diagrams and illustrations from the original essays.

Product information
Bound in cloth blocked with a design by Neil Gower. Set in Sirba. 440 pages. Illustrated title-page and 24 black and white integrated illustrations. Printed endpapers. Blocked cloth slipcase. 9½˝ x 6¼˝

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