Press Release: The Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms

From the Authorised King James Version of the Bible

Introduced by Harry Brockway
Lettering designed by Jessica Hische

‘If all the other Books of Scripture could perish, there were enough in that one, for the catechising of all that did believe, and for the convincing of all that did not’
john donne

The Book of Psalms is the spiritual ‘heart’ of the Bible, a key instrument of communal worship for practising Christians and Jews and a focus for private devotion. The 150 Psalms also form the ancient world’s greatest collection of poetry, continuing to speak to readers with unparalleled power more than 2,500 years after they were first composed.

Known in Hebrew simply as Tehillim or ‘Praises’, the Psalms take us from the heights of confidence to the depths of self-doubt, from crippling despair to overwhelming joy. With their highly personal outpourings and vast psychological range, reading the Psalms remains an intense religious, literary and emotional experience.

The King James Version is the definitive translation of the Bible, unique in its influence on the culture and literature of the English-speaking world. Commissioned by James I in 1604, it took a committee of 47 pre-eminent scholars the next 7 years to complete. With its deliberate archaism, literal translation of Hebrew metaphors and sensitivity to the spoken word, its version of The Book of Psalms captures the essence of the original Hebrew text while achieving its own poetry. In his new introduction, Valentine Cunningham explores the Psalms’ enduring power as a source of literary, religious, political and personal inspiration – and how their language has become our language.

This exquisite edition fits perfectly into the hand, allowing an intensely personal reading experience and an intimate connection with these soulsearching poems. Jessica Hische’s beautiful lettering and the generous layouts bring new clarity to the text, whether one is focusing on a single Psalm or experiencing their cumulative effect, reading aloud or for silent contemplation, as poetry or prayer.



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Bound in cloth blocked with lettering by the artist. Set in Arno. 296 pages. Printed in 2 colours throughout. Gilt rose-gold page tops. Ribbon marker. Blocked slipcase. 6¼” x 4¼”

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