Press Release: The Aztecs

The Aztecs

Richard F. Townsend

Introduced by the author

‘A remarkably fresh and scholarly study … you will read it with pleasure’
times literary supplement

A dynamic and powerful people, the Aztecs flourished in Central America between 1325 and 1521. Their magnificent capital Tenochtitlan was one of the world’s largest cities in the sixteenth century and from here they governed a vast empire that stretched from present-day Mexico to Guatemala, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.

In his remarkable history, Richard F. Townsend traces the history of the Aztecs, from wandering tribespeople to empire builders, and their final demise at the hands of Cortes’ invading army. His classic text on the subject is newly presented in a stunning Folio edition that comes with a companion volume filled with photographs of Aztec treasures.

The vast surviving legacy of the Aztecs is dramatically showcased in the pictorial companion volume. There are 90 colour plates, many sourced from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico and each painstakingly reproduced for the edition to ensure exceptional quality. There are jewelled skulls – including the Skull of the Smoking Mirror which was famously used in rituals – basalt sculptures of gods and goddesses, details from the carved reliefs on the Sun Stone and pages from the Codex Mendoza, as well as the exquisite turquoise two-headed serpent that is perhaps the greatest example of their artistic prowess.

Each volume includes decorated title pages with motifs inspired by the Sun Stone and intricate foil-blocked bindings that replicate Aztec inscriptions. This unique collector’s set brings together a highly respected text on the subject with some of the most spectacular artefacts, architecture and archives from this remarkable civilisation.

Product information
Bound in blocked cloth with a design by Yann Legendre. Set in Minion Pro. Vol 1: 320 pages Vol 2: 104 pages. 84 black and white integrated images in Vol. 1. 90 colour images in Vol. 2. Two colour title page in Vol. 1. Gilded tops. Blocked cloth slipcase. 10˝ x 6¾˝.

UK £120.00 US $185.00 Can $230.00 Aus $240.00


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