Press Release: Tales of Ancient Egypt

Tales of Ancient Egypt

Roger Lancelyn Green

Introduced by Geraldine McCaughrean
Illustrated by Romy Blümel

‘Never has a civilisation gone to such pains to leave its mark and pass on its culture’
geraldine mccaughrean

From Odysseus to Cinderella and Sindbad, the origins of many of our best-loved tales can be traced back to the stone carvings and papyrus texts of Egyptian antiquity. Published in series with his Tales of the Greek Heroes, this beautiful new edition of Lancelyn Green’s classic anthology is introduced by multi-award-winning children’s author Geraldine McCaughrean.

Roger Lancelyn Green was a successful and prolific fiction writer and biographer but his overriding talent lay in re-telling myths and folk tales for children. He understood the wonder that these ancient stories of gods and goddesses, warriors and explorers, held for younger readers, and the importance of placing history in context for inquiring minds.

Geraldine McCaughrean is a writer with many accolades for her own re-tellings of myths and fairy tales. Her exclusive introduction for our edition explores our enduring love for and fascination with ancient Egypt, and the sheer volume and breadth of stories that have survived. ‘Gluttonous for knowledge, Curiosity, like a grave-robber, pillaged their memorials and tombs to know more about them. As a result, admiration for their culture spread throughout the world, and their stories have been pocketed by a million storytellers.’

And, while these myths have been retold and repurposed over and again, over thousands of years, this collection takes us back to their origins in a beautifully written narrative that is vividly illustrated. Following on from her work in Tales of the Greek Heroes, Romy Blümel includes symbols and cultural artefacts in her series of striking illustrations. Her map of Egypt, showing locations pertinent to the tales, is exquisitely painted with bold colours that evoke the lands it portrays.

Product information
Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Haarlemmer. 240 pages.7 full page colour illustrations, including one double-page spread. Double-page full-colour map. Printed endpapers. Blocked slipcase. 10˝ x 7½˝.

UK £44.95 US $69.95 Can $85.00 Aus $89.95



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