Press Release: Stig of the Dump

Stig of the Dump

Clive King

Introduced by David Almond
Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

‘I have always loved Stig of the Dump. I think reading that book made me officially realise that I was a reader’
eoin colfer

Barney spends the school holidays at his grandmother’s house on the Kentish Downs. He’s bored and a little lonely, until he ventures one day to the edge of a nearby chalk pit, falls in and makes a very unusual friend. As David Almond writes in his new introduction for this Folio edition, ‘Stig is a stranger in Barney’s world’, but Barney soon discovers that Stig’s world is not so far away after all…

Edward Ardizzone’s original illustrations, which have become synonymous with the novel, have been retained for this new edition. The binding features an illustration from the book repeated in colour with the title written in the artist’s distinctive hand. The pictures throughout have been reproduced from the originals, ensuring that they are crisp and true to Ardizzone’s vision.

Stig of the Dump has never been out of print, and in his affectionate introduction, Almond highlights its continuing relevance to modern-day concerns: recycling, bullying, attitudes towards race and ‘civilization’, and the value of outdoor play in childhood. Stig might be a cave-boy with a rubbish dump for a home, but he gives Barney new perspectives on his own time.

King was partly inspired by his own childhood in the village of Ash in Kent – a place that he said ‘needed…something primitive and elemental to wake it up’. Barney embraces the unfamiliar. He sees that Stig is different but neither this nor the lack of a common language prevent an instant bond from forming.

As Almond writes, the beauty of this novel lies in Barney’s ‘childish openness’: he is an ‘ordinary boy stepping out alone and free into the wilderness’. Stig of the Dump, like all the very best children’s stories, makes readers ‘feel that they are almost characters in the book themselves’.



Product information
Bound in cloth printed with a design based upon artwork by the artist from the first edition. Set in Plantin. 192 pages. 27 black & white integrated illustrations. Plain slipcase. 8˝ x 5¼˝.

UK £29.95 US $44.95 Can $59.95 Aus $59.95


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