Press Release: Sowing the Wind

Sowing the Wind:STW_PR_01
The Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East

John Keay

Foreword by Robert Fisk

‘John Keay’s new history of the British in the modern Middle East is the best for almost 40 years’
the guardian

Surrender of Jerusalem by the city’s mayor, 9 December 1917. (Library of Congress)

Surrender of Jerusalem by the city’s mayor, 9 December 1917. (Library of Congress)

Troubling, fascinating and accessible, this is an outstanding account of how the Middle East was shaped by Western interests. This new edition from The Folio Society features contemporary photographs and a new foreword by one of today’s most respected journalists on the region, Robert Fisk.

The seeds of conflict in the Middle East were sown in the first sixty years of the twentieth century. It was then that the Western powers – Britain, France and the United States – discovered the imperatives for interventions that have plunged the region into crisis ever since. It was also then that most of the region’s modern-day states were created and their regimes forged – their management by the West earning abiding resentment. As Keay notes, it is often difficult to gauge the degree of intention behind the obfuscations and deceits enacted by the imperial powers, but it is certain that many Arabs were offered ‘dream palaces’ as insubstantial as sand.

Sowing the Wind tells how and why this STW_PR_03happened, illuminating the narrative with lucid analysis and anecdotes, including a cast of memorable characters – Gertrude Bell, Lawrence of Arabia, Freya Stark.

John Keay’s even-handed and approachable book relates this tragic history before closing with an epilogue that culminates at the Gulf War and 9/11. This Folio edition which includes a wealth of illuminating photographs and maps, is essential reading for anyone interested in the background to the humanitarian crises, atrocities and political dilemmas that confront the modern world.

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Bound in printed and blocked cloth. Set in Guardi. 536 pages.
Frontispiece and 32 pages of black & white plates; 4 maps. 10″ x 6¾”.

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