Press Release: Nicholas and Alexandra

Nicholas and Alexandra

Robert K. Massie

Introduced by the author

‘A magnificent and intimate picture’

The final years of imperial Russia are brilliantly evoked in this best-selling work by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert K. Massie. Alexandra had passed the haemophilic gene to her fifth child and only son, Alexis. Desperate to find a cure, she allowed the mystic Rasputin to exert dangerous influence over the court at a time of imperial disintegration.

Massie observes, ‘Fate had prepared a terrible story… Imperial Russia was toppled by a tiny defect in the body of a little boy.’ But he also argues that Nicholas, the devoted family man, was a tsar who appeared in history at the wrong time, he was not cut from the same cloth as his predecessors. Humiliation in the Russo-Japanese war, the 1905 Revolution, general strikes, naval mutinies and the formation of the Socialist Workers’ Party meant that political unrest in Russia rose, unchecked, like a tidal wave ready to break upon the monarchy.

The last years of imperial Russia, full of stark contrasts between privilege and poverty, private grief and public outcry, are brilliantly evoked in this tale of lost splendour and bloodied innocence. The two revolutions of 1917 finally swept Nicholas and Alexandra from power and within months the entire royal family, their doctor, and even their servants, had been pitilessly murdered by the Bolsheviks.

In his introduction, Massie describes how a personal interest in haemophilia led him to investigate the hidden story of Nicholas and Alexandra. Ultimately, his belief that the illness of the Tsarevich was at the heart of these world-changing events would allow him to uncover many previously unexamined sources.

This edition features eight plate sections of atmospheric black and white photographs, revealing the private life of Russia’s last royal family, and is magnificently bound in cloth blocked with a design featuring the Russian imperial eagle.

Product information

Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Monotype Dante. 656 pages. Frontispiece and 20 pages of black & white plates. Gold top edge. Printed map endpapers. Pictorial slipcase. 10″ x 61/4″.

UK £49.95 US $79.95 Can $99.95 Aus $99.95



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