Press Release: Moby dick


Herman Melville

Illustrated by Rockwell Kent

‘I think that the book which I put down with the unqualified thought “I wish I had written that” is Moby-Dick
william faulkner

Following the huge success of our 2009 limited edition, Folio has reproduced Moby-Dick in a new collector’s edition. Featuring Rockwell Kent’s illustrations and bound in rich cloth, this is a fine presentation of what is regarded by many as the greatest American novel.

Herman Melville’s tale of the hunt for the white whale, Moby Dick, is a sublime work of the imagination, an American Odyssey. It is at once an adventure story of the high seas, and an exploration of the unchartedregions of the soul.

Moby-Dick’s narrator, Ishmael, is a drifter and former merchant seaman, who departs from Nantucket on a perilous whaling mission to the South Seas. At the helm of his ship, the Pequod, is Captain Ahab, whose soul is bent on hunting and killing the great white whale that cost him his leg. As they voyage south, Ahab’s obsession takes his crew deeper into the abyss in desperate pursuit of the great demon of the seas.

With its elemental simplicity of plot, its pathos and perfectly realised action scenes, Moby-Dick is not only a breathtaking adventure but also a vivid meditation on Melville’s America, taking in wider themes of nature, religion, society, war, history and civilisation.

Our edition is faithful to Melville’s text, and retains the spelling and punctuation of the original. Melville spent many years at sea and his perfectly attuned ear enabled him to reproduce the colloquial language of his characters in a wonderfully exhilarating and idiosyncratic style.

Rockwell Kent’s celebrated illustrations from the 1930 edition are a true match for Melville’s vivid descriptive power. With their beauty, simplicity and vigour, they will forever be associated with Melville’s epic sea story.



Product information
Bound in blocked metallic buckram. Set in Fournier. 768 pages. 280 integrated black & white illustrations. Coloured page top. Ribbon marker. Blocked cloth slipcase. 9½” x 6¾.

UK £75.00 US $112.00 Can $155.00 Aus $150.00





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