Press Release: Mani and Roumeli

Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese
Roumeli: Travels in Northern Greece

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Introduced by Artemis Cooper
Photographs by Joan Eyres Monsell
Illustrated by Katyuli Lloyd

Once described as ‘a cross between Indiana Jones, James Bond and Graham Greene’, Patrick Leigh Fermor has also been called the world’s finest travel writer. Mani and Roumeli are more than simple explorations of Greece – these books are love letters to its culture, language, mythology and people. With the author, we experience the two wildest and most remote regions cut off to casual tourists by the jagged Taygetus mountains and inhospitable coasts. Leigh Fermor was passionate about the idea of Greece as well as its reality, and his beautiful writing – full of dazzling and delicious detail – summons its very essence.

During their travels Joan Eyres Monsell, his wife, took a series of remarkable photographs, and Leigh Fermor would often to refer to these during the writing process. Since the publication of the first edition the photographs have rarely been seen, but they have been fully reinstated for this two-volume set – an inclusion that that makes this the most comprehensive edition available.

British illustrator Katyuli Lloyd has provided a series of black and white illustrations and a pair of atmospheric binding designs. Lloyd proved to be an unusually apt choice for the edition – Leigh Fermor was a family friend, and wrote Mani in the village of Kamini, where the artist’s grandparents made a living as potters. Familiar with the region, the artist travelled there to create her pen-and-ink drawings on location. In her introduction, Patrick Leigh Fermor’s biographer Artemis Cooper describes how the writer reveals ‘a country deeper and richer than his readers had ever imagined’.

This special edition brings the two books together in a striking blocked slipcase, and each volume includes a map.


Product information
2 volumes. Bound in Elephanthide paper printed with designs by the artist. Set in Columbus. 552 pages in total. Frontispiece and 24 pages of colour photographs in Mani. Frontispiece and 20 pages of colour photographs in Roumeli. 28 black & white drawings in total and 1 map in each volume. Blocked slipcase. 9½” x 6¾”.

UK £75.00 US $120.00 Can $155.00 Aus $155.00



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