Press Release: Lord Peter Views the Body

WIMLord Peter Views the Body

Dorothy L. Sayers

Introduced by Jill Paton Walsh
Illustrated by Paul Cox

‘Dorothy L. Sayers is in a class by herself’
chicago herald tribune

Dorothy L. Sayers was one of the key figures – and greatest innovators – in golden age crime fiction. As well as her famous novels, she was a prolific and accomplished short-story writer. This Folio collection brings together stories featuring her most celebrated character, Lord Peter Wimsey – aristocrat, amateur sleuth and fashionable man about town.

Appearing in 12 novels of his own, Wimsey is one of the most WIM2popular fictional detectives of the 20th century, and the adventures collected here admirably illustrate the range of delights golden age crime can offer, from the morbidly gruesome to the satisfyingly meticulous. In ‘The Man with the Copper Fingers’ a beautiful statue hides a very grisly secret; a crossword puzzle (complete with answers at the back of the book) provides the solution to ‘The Fascinating Problem of Uncle Meleager’s Will’, while a chance act of violence in ‘The Vindictive Story of the Footsteps that Ran’ leads to Wimsey seeking clues in a bowl of dripping.

This collection showcases Sayers at her most cunning, witty and psychologicallyWIM3 astute. Although often characterised in the vein of Wodehouse’s Bertie Wooster, Lord Peter Wimsey was not without his complexities – a fastidious bibliophile with a light and feckless manner, he also displays symptoms of shellshock, and under his patter there is an edge of steel. Paul Cox has lent his pen to depicting the lively world of Wimsey and the match is a perfect one; this edition features 48 of his brilliantly realised illustrations and a stylish binding design. Jill Paton Walsh, the author of several mysteries that explore the further adventures of Wimsey, has contributed a fascinating introduction examining Sayers’s particular talent for the short story. Sayers’s tales, Walsh writes, are ‘light and buoyant as paper kites … but they have what is needed to soar a little weight in the tale’.

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Bound in cloth blocked with a design by the artist. Set in Ehrhardt. 320 pages. 48 integrated black & white images. 9˝ x 5¾˝. Slipcased.

UK £34.95 US $57.95 Can $72.95 Aus $72.95



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