Press Release: Kindred


Octavia E. Butler

Introduced by Tananarive Due
Illustrated by James E. Ransome

‘No novel I’ve read this year has felt as relevant, as gut-wrenching or as essential’
the Pool

Octavia E. Butler is one of the most important figures in speculative fiction history; a pioneering African American author who won multiple awards and changed the very foundations of the genre. Kindred is her ground-breaking novel, a time travel thriller that plunges its heroine into pre-Civil War America, challenging the reader to witness the horrors of slavery.

For this edition, celebrated artist James E. Ransome was commissioned to create a series of emotive illustrations and a beautifully simple binding design. In her exclusive introduction for this edition, author and journalist Tananarive Due draws on interviews with Butler to take a deeper look at this essential novel, and the questions it raises about history, guilt and survival.

In 1976 Dana Franklin is an aspiring writer, living with her white husband in Los Angeles. In 1815, Dana is a slave, her life as brutal and precarious as any black woman in the antebellum South… Again and again Dana is ripped back through time to save the life of Rufus Weylin, the son of a wealthy slave owner in Maryland. For reasons neither of them can understand, their lives are inexplicably bound to each other in blood and pain, and Dana’s decisions, trapped in a past where she is considered little more than property, will have far-reaching consequences for her and her own ancestors.

Kindred is at its heart a gripping thriller, one that uses the uniquely agonising dilemmas of Dana’s situation to ask the bigger questions: how much history do we carry with us into the future? What do we owe the past? And what are the consequences of the worst acts of human barbarity? With elegant prose and an unflinching lack of sentimentality, Butler peels back the borders of science fiction to reveal new, uncomfortable horizons.

Product information
Bound in blocked paper. Set in Columbus. 296 pages. Printed slipcase. 7 colour illustrations, including one double-page spread. 9½˝ x 6¼˝.

UK £39.95 US $59.95 Can $75.00 Aus $79.95






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