Press Release: Italian Folktales

Italian Folktales

Compiled, edited and introduced by
Italo Calvin

Preface by Guillermo del Toro
Illustrated by Gérard DuBois
Translated by George Martin

‘The book is, I think, impossible to recommend too highly’
new york times book review

Fantastical monsters, daredevil youths and evil witches bound across every page of this beautiful edition of Calvino’s comprehensive collection. It is held in such high regard that, despite its relatively recent compilation, it is fondly – and justifiably – compared with its Northern European counterparts, such as Grimm and Andersen.

In a preface specially commissioned for this edition, Oscar-winning® director Guillermo del Toro says of the tales: ‘They lend both solace and understanding of the mysteries within us all.’ Del Toro’s own work is heavily influenced by the mythic and fantastical and, like his films, these Italian tales are full of omens and teachings. Not only does del Toro situate Calvino’s tales alongside the canonical collections of Boccaccio, Pitrè and Basile, as well as in comparison to Grimms’ and La Fontaine’s, he also revels in their contemporary resonance through the work of Pasolini, Borges and even Disney.

As with folktales the world over, Calvino’s collection abounds with natural and cosmic references, as well as kings, princesses, poor suitors, evil stepmothers and talking animals. These tales are not new – we recognise them instantly – but the beauty of Calvino’s collection is the turn of phrase, the geographical specificities – such as the hunt for a girl with skin as creamy white as ricotta – and cultural nuances that make them distinctly and uniquely Italian.

In this lavish Folio Society edition, Calvino’s 200 tales are presented across two spectacular volumes that include printed map endpapers and blocked bindings. With exquisite illustrations by iconic Canadian artist Gérard DuBois and map endpapers charting the tale’s locations, this is a truly exceptional collector’s edition.

Product information
Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Jenson. Vol 1: 552 pages, Vol 2: 560 pages. 8 colour illustrations (including 1 double-page spread) per volume. Black and white tailpieces throughout. Printed endpapers. Ribbon markers. Textured vinyl-coated paper slipcase. 10˝ x 6¾˝

UK £125.00 US $195.00 Can $245.00 Aus $280.00





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