Press Release: How to See Fairies

How to See Fairies

Written and illustrated by
charles van sandwyk

‘When you come to realize Fairies exist, you just appreciate life so much better’
new york review of books

The inhabitants of the fairy realm are beautifully imagined in Charles van Sandwyk’s exquisitely illustrated tales. Originally privately published in very limited numbers as small hand bound volumes, they have been brought together as a collection for the first time by The Folio Society and include additional illustrations created for this edition. An award-winning artist van Sandwyk has long been intrigued by the ‘little people’ and his imaginative prowess explains the incredibly detailed portraits that populate his stories. Before long, the reader is drawn into his enchanting cast of fairy folk, as well as the world they inhabit.

This is van Sandwyck’s indispensable guide to fairies, including ‘The Fairy Market’ – an endearing story of little folk gathering for gossip and good cheer at the food market – and ‘A Pocket Guide to the Little People’, which identifies the equipment needed to search for fairies, tips on how to spot them and a list of some of their favourite foods. Also revealed are portraits of the magical people, ‘observed unbeknown to themselves during a great journey through the great woods’, including the lamplighter, hornblowers and the bee man, and, finally, ‘The Fairies’ Christmas’ recounts festive fairy shenanigans when the author was a child.

This edition showcases van Sandwyk’s delightful characterisations and includes integrated colour illustrations and line drawings as well as hand-drawn borders and page decorations. The cloth binding features an inset label designed by the artist, depicting a scene of magical domestic bliss, and the book is presented in aslipcase gold-printed with a pattern created especially for this edition.

Product information

Bound in blocked cloth with an inset paper label. Set in Calson. 128 pages plus a 3-page fold-out. Over 70 integrated colour illustrations. Printedendpapers. Printed slipcase. 10˝ x 6¾˝.

UK £39.95 US $61.95 Can $79.95 Aus $89.95







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