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Berlin: The Downfall 1945

Anthony Beevor

michael burleigh, Guardian

Antony Beevor’s critically acclaimed historical masterpiece is a gripping and frequently harrowing account of the Red Army’s capture of the German capital in World War II’s final stages.

Berlin: The Downfall 1945 was selected by our customers as the Folio Readers’ Choice 2017 Non-Fiction title to celebrate our 70th anniversary.

On finally reaching the Reich in January 1945, the Red Army had revenge on its mind. The ensuing story of rape, massacre and destruction is truly shocking. The reluctance of the Nazi chiefs to allow the evacuation of civilians resulted in the deaths, through extreme cold or execution, of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, with more than seven million fleeing to the west toescape the marauding Russian forces. The confrontation  between the hubris of an insane German Führer willing to sacrifice Berlin and all its inhabitants and the ruthless determination of Stalin to seize the city ahead of the Allies (no matter what the cost) represented the ultimate battle between two of the most powerful military leaders in all history. Its outcome would change the face of Europe for ever.

Continuing the series launched by Beevor’s equally lauded Stalingrad, this Folio Society edition which contains more than 50contemporary photographs, is housed in a pictorial slipcase depicting the Red Army flying their flag in triumph. The book’s blocked binding shows a Russian soldier shooting from a Breslau balcony in 1945, while photographic endpapers feature theruined Reichstag plus Soviet soldiers marching through Berlin.


Product information
Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Adobe Garamond Pro with Future Condensed display.536 pages.

Frontispiece and 32 pages of black and white plates. 16 integrated black and white maps.

Printed endpapers. Pictorial slipcase.  10” x 6¾˝.

•UK £59.95 US $88.95 Can $120.00 Aus $120.00



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