Press Release: Anne of Avonlea

Anne of Avonlea
L. M. Montgomery
Illustrated by Anna C. Leplar

‘The dearest and most moving and delightful child
since the immortal Alice’

mark twain

In her 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery created one ofaoa-pressrelease
the best-loved heroines in children’s literature. Spirited and open-hearted,
impulsive and determined, Anne Shirley is admired the world over. Anne
of Avonlea sees our eponymous heroine become a teacher and help her
guardian Marilla to raise six-year-old orphaned twins. While she thrives
in her new grown-up roles, Anne is still impetuous and wilful – and
prone to anxiety over her freckled nose. This new Folio edition
also features Anna C. Leplar’s charming illustrations which show a
young woman whose efforts to be sophisticated are often thwarted by
embarrassing scrapes.

Montgomery’s novel includes scenes of sadness – like the bittersweet
story of young Hester Gray, whose beautiful garden outlives her – but,
despite such moments, the reader can’t help but agree with Anne when
she declares happily that hers is ‘a pretty good world, after all’.

Anne has captured the imagination of countless readers of all ages across the world.
In Japan, she has inspired no less than a national obsession:
Anne of Green Gables became part of the school curriculum in 1952 and is adored to this day.

The city of Fukuoka boasts an Anne Academy, a nursing school in Okayama
invites students toaoa-pressrelease2 model themselves on Anne, and thousands of Japanese tourists visit Prince Edward Island each year. In 1979, Nippon Animation produced a 50-episode animé based on the Anne
books. Less known, perhaps, is the influence of Anne of Green Gables on the Polish Resistance during the Second World War: it was read widely by the fighters, who admired Anne’s tenacity and selflessness. Such was its influence that it was suppressed during the later Communist occupation. Few children’s books have had the diverse and enduring influence of Montgomery’s creation, and this is the perfect edition with which to explore or rediscover its charms.

Product information
Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Fournier. 240 pages.
9 colour illustrations and 7 black & white tailpieces. Slipcased.

UK £29.95 US $49.95 Can $59.95 Aus $62.95



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