Press Release: Interpreting Dreams

Interpreting Dreams
Interpreting Dreamsby Sigmund Freud

Introduced by John Forrester
Illustrated with paintings by Gabriella Boyd

The Folio Society is proud to announce the publication of their new illustrated edition of one of the most influential books of the 20th century. Interpreting Dreams has never ceased to fascinate, intrigue and stimulate controversy: it revolutionised the way we think about ourselves. ‘I shall show in the following pages’, writes Sigmund Freud in the opening to his masterpiece, ‘that there is a psychological technique making it possible to interpret dreams and that, if this procedure is applied, every dream turns out to be a meaningful psychical construct that should be allotted a specific place in the mental whirl of waking life.’

It was a gamble for Freud to launch his major scientific theory in a book written for the general reader. But Interpreting Dreams – often known as The Interpretation of Dreams – is both scientifically exacting and utterly compelling. Freud invites us to be flies on the wall of his Interpreting Dreamstherapy room, and watch the psychoanalyst at work as he delves into the subconscious of his friends, clients and even himself. In his authoritative and accessible prose, Freud does battle with resistant sceptics; he answers questions such as where dreams come from, why we forget them so soon after waking, and how they relate to our waking life; he reveals the significance of dreams about swimming, flying and dying, and tests his groundbreaking theory of the Oedipus complex. At the book’s centre are Freud’s unflinching analyses of his own dreams, which take him back to his childhood.

The Folio edition uses J. A. Underwood’s magisterial translation and introduction, which follows the last German edition, the eighth that Freud prepared in his lifetime. It includes ten enigmatic oil paintings by Gabriella Boyd, an acclaimed artist currently studying for a postgraduate degree at the Royal Academy, and an indispensable introduction from Cambridge professor and psychoanalysis expert John Forrester.

Product information
Bound in cloth blocked in gold foil with an inset paper label, printed with a painting by Gabriella Boyd. Set in Sabon with Minion display. 600 pages. 10 full-page colour illustrations. 10˝ × 6¼˝.

UK £44.95 US $79.95 Can $95.95 Aus $99.95



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