Introducing the new Folio 2015 Diary …

I’ve looked after the Diary here in Editorial for a few years now, and it’s one of my favourite things to work on. Because of its popularity, members have written to us frequently with suggestions for improvements, and this year we’ve decided to respond to those ideas and have changed the Diary accordingly.

The Folio Society Diary 2015

The interior pages have been redesigned to complement a new lighter and more portable format. We’ve printed on a different paper too, making it much easier to write on. But what has stayed the same is the single theme – this year it’s birds – and the eclectic collection of images to illustrate it. Classic bird artists James Audubon and Thomas Bewick appear alongside contemporary photographs, paintings, posters, film stills, sculptures, frescoes and mosaics.

And my favourite? Well, the image for the first week of March might seem a strange choice – feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square in 1972, quite interesting, very 1970s, but what’s so special about it? The girl in the foreground, crouching down, is me – photographed by my father on a trip to London, and I remember it all so well, it’s scary. Look at those flares, that poncho, those platform shoes! – seems like only yesterday…

The Folio Diary 2015 now available for purchase here.

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