Month: January 2016

The Simple Bard

Posted on 25/01/2016

Kathleen Jamie explores how the poet Robert Burns found fertile ground for his imagination in the soil of a failing farm.   In Spring 1786 Robert Burns was twenty-seven, unstable, ambitious and a …


Friday, 8th January 2016

Posted on 08/01/2016

It has been a momentous week, with one major project finally coming to an end, and another getting under weigh. Just before Christmas, this imposing crate was delivered by a specialist fine art shippe …


Some Thoughts on Translating Tolstoy and Others

Posted on 03/01/2016

Alongside Larissa Volokhonsky, Richard Pevear has translated numerous Russian novels, including The Master and Margarita and War and Peace. He writes here of the complexity of interpretation. (This ar …


Colouring the Rainbow

Posted on 01/01/2016

Maria Tatar, John L. Loeb Professor of Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University, falls under the spell of illustrations as she explores their unique ability to call to life Andrew Lang’s vibrant f …