This Folio Life: Folio at 70

Posted on 07/09/2017

It is always – whatever one might say to the contrary – interesting to know what one’s peers think of you. A birthday is as good an opportunity as any to elicit such views, and it was with this in min …


Monday, 5th June 2017

Posted on 05/06/2017

The Folio Society does not often hold launch parties, and there was a good reason to make an exception for the Bayeux Tapestry. If ever a publication needs to be seen to be understood, this is it. We …


Thursday, 13th April 2017

Posted on 13/04/2017

Last week I went to Reykjavik to promote The Poetic Edda. The main event was an interview on the TV Arts programme Kiljan, chaired by the larger-than-life Egill Helgason. I was pretty daunted going in …


This Folio Life: American Gods

Posted on 09/03/2017

American Gods – considered by many to be Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece – is one of Folio’s most anticipated publications. It comes just ahead of the long-awaited TV adaptation, but the novel, first publis …


Book Illustration Competition: Paul Cox

Posted on 05/01/2017

Paul Cox talks about the impact of the competition on his career as an illustrator. “The Folio Society originally ran a competition within the Royal College of Art illustration department. The annual …